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Posts vs Pages, Categories vs Tags

August 10, 2009

Posts vs Pages

I’m still trying to work out some of the pros/cons for these.

The basic premise is that Pages are static, posts are time dependent.

Things I’m wondering about:

  • How can I show, or query, what the current info is. How can I get a historical view of that? Sample: I upgrade from version X of something to version X+1. Probably use categories

For a basic CMS, Pages are the way to go. Posts can be used as ‘news’ that then points to the relevant pages. A wiki might be better for those purposes?

For page navigation, need:
– a tree navigator for subpages
– could have 1st level across the top

Pages cannot have categories or Tags. So, it relies purely on the page hierarchy. How can you find networked pages, ie that relate to multiple topics? You can’t! Ridiculous!

Categories vs tags

Tags are for search engines. Is it keywords? No. I added ZZXXYY as a Tag, and it did nothing. It does add some ‘possibly related’ subsection into it. Not sure I would want that by default.

Basically, tags seem to be a disintermediation of search engine keywords. It allows relationships across blogs within this site, but not really beyond WP, except by accident rather than design.

Categories are really for navigation within a blog.