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WordPress Integration

August 10, 2009

So, now that I have joined the WordPress world, I would like the ability to edit and store things locally, ie while not network connected.

Then, whenever I choose, update those to the WP website

Looking at the local tools available, most are simply front ends for updating online blogs etc, rather than a fully functional copy of that data. I can use WP itself; I could run it at my own website, which defeats the purpose of having it locally. Or I could install it on my machine locally from Good ubuntu instructions are available. Requires LAMP, so not really lightweight, but should be fully functional.

There’s some factors to consider:

  • Export only changed/new items
  • Export only items I want to export (eg flag something as ‘private’)?
  • Replication conflicts? eg can I change something on the WP site and then update it to mine.

Currently, the WP export dumps everything, and the only selection is to limit by user.

Haha. Can only do some types of attachments (doc, pdf etc)
But just choose the Add Media and see what happens