Writing in the new world

“Of all the writing that the Stanford students did, a stunning 38 percent of it took place out of the classroom life writing, as Lunsford calls it. Those Twitter updates and lists of 25 things about yourself add up.

It’s almost hard to remember how big a paradigm shift this is. Before the Internet came along, most Americans never wrote anything, ever, that wasn’t a school assignment. Unless they got a job that required producing text (like in law, advertising, or media), they’d leave school and virtually never construct a paragraph again.

It makes a lot of sense. This idea of their being a golden age of people hand writing letters to each other is bullshit for the vast majority of the populace.”

My god. The big question is whether anyone should try to write anything.

The interesting question is whether this is a further breakdown of immediate community. Do people spend more time typing than talking?

Mmmm. Better stop that typing then…and go have a conversation IRL.

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